Akbayan Rep. Barry Gutierrez on the current ‘crisis’ with INC

2015-08-10 14.10.08

The current “crisis” with INC is an opportunity for our citizens to see the true mettle of our would be leaders. Who will stand up for the Rule of Law, and who will bend before the the tyranny of organized numbers?

Let me be clear, I support the right of every citizen, regardless of their religious or political affiliation, to express their opinion on any issue — and this includes taking to the streets to do so.

But I likewise firmly insist on the duty of every responsible citizen, especially those occupying public office, to take a stand when the freedom of speech and assembly is used to derail legitimate government processes and bully the officials lawfully tasked to see them through.

Rights must be respected, yes, but the abuse of those same rights must be called out and condemned.

And when that abuse of right also leads to massive inconvenience to thousands of fellow citizens, angering and alienating many of them? Well that’s plain insensitivity. Not to mention bad messaging.###